The new Companies Law in the year 1443 AH replaced the Companies Law issued in the year 1437 AH, whereby the Kingdom encouraged the national investor to establish his national company by providing him with all facilities and enacting laws motivating that, which is in the interest of the investor and the national economy, and also opened the door for the foreign investor to establish a company in accordance with What is commensurate with its future vision 2030, and therefore it has granted many privileges to foreign investors according to specific conditions and requirements, and established the General Investment Authority as an entity concerned with foreign investment in the Kingdom.

And due to the necessity of corporate governance and its technology and to proceed with its establishment, the system has authorized the lawyer to initiate the procedures for establishing companies of all kinds, whether national or foreign, so we offer our valued clients on their behalf this service by establishing national and foreign companies and reviewing all relevant authorities in this regard, and our office has a long history and extensive experience In this field, since it has been working on establishing national and foreign companies since its establishment.