For the purpose of serving our valued clients and helping them to make their actions in regular with all the Saudi laws, decisions, regulations and orders in force in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The effects that this may have that may impede the continuity of work and prevent saving time, money and a good reputation, as it is not hidden from you to what extent knowledge of sound legal conditions provides for success and gaining the confidence of those dealing with you.

Our office responds in Arabic and English to all clients’ inquiries related to their current and future business and provides advice and legal advice on all matters related to any system in force in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Preparing, drafting, reviewing and correcting all types of contracts and giving legal advice on contractual matters before engaging in them to avoid falling into future legal problems arising from them and thus saving effort and money.

Actual participation by attending during the negotiations of legal agreements between you and others, in order to be aware of your obligations and rights before signing them in order to avoid falling into legal problems.

Preparing the necessary legal studies on the projects that you will be committed to in order to be aware of the delicate legal obstacles that may surround it.

Interfering for the benefit of customers in disputes filed by third parties in order to preserve not losing any rights to them due to those disputes.

The office, in general, undertakes all cases before all relevant authorities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.